Whatcom Watch Online

August 2006

Concurrency by John Lesow

John Lesow is a Responsible Development board member, who lives in Pt. Roberts.

Bellingham passed an Emergency Interim Concurrency Ordinance earlier this year. Whatcom County is presently working on one. Concurrency has been characterized as a $100 word with a $25 meaning. Unfortunately, there is a lot off truth to that statement. The fact is that city and county governments are lagging in any coherent and workable concurrency program.

Meanwhile, unbridled development continues. For example, traffic generated by the proposed Birch Bay commercial center would reduce the level of service at Birch Bay-Lynden and Blaine Road from level C to level "F. (The present intersection has a four-way stop.) A strong concurrency ordinance would require a roundabout or intersection with a signal prior to opening of the retail center. Without these improvements, there will be serious public safety issues and potential liability for the county, Gur goa1 is to lobby for a strong, workable concurrency ordinance that will preserve our present levels of service.